Mama Quilla at the Roundhouse

Ready for your one-minute of fame (sorry but due to the economic crisis this has now been cut-back from the standard 15)? Well then roll-up to the Roundhouse on Sunday 15th January for Mama Quilla’s Theatre of Protest: From the Streets of Revolution event, which features a choir workshop, open to all, leading to a one-minute performance later in the night.

This evening of linked events is based around responses to last year’s riots in both London and Libya. In addition to short plays about London, a live cross will update attendees on goings-on at the Occupy London site at St Paul’s. The entire event will be filmed by Lise Marker to create a new short film exploring protest.

Mama Quilla is a renowned political theatre group, described by The Guardian as showing ‘that theatre still has the capacity to address public issues’. For more information on how you can come along and help them do just that, visit:
Tickets are £10, or £5 for concessions, and the first act kicks off at 4pm.


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