Welcome to the Londonphile

Hello and welcome to the Londonphile.

As you will come to see, I love London, and in particular its heritage, architecture, museums, art and history – especially those that are maybe just a little bit quirky. London is my hobby, more or less, and I like to think I have now done enough research, reading and visiting around and about the sort of places that interest me that I could share this with others.

The Londonphile is by no means intended as a comprehensive review of all that there is to do in London, or even of the many, many sights falling under the heritage/museums/art/architecture/history banner. It is a very personal take on a most amazing city. It’s a collection of places I have found interesting, or want to visit in the future. ┬áIt also serves as a reminder for me of the things I have seen and would like to see. It will cover one-off ‘events’ as well as temporary exhibitions and permanent sights. Basically, anything that I think is of interest! And although it revolves around my own take on my favourite city, please feel free to let me know if there is anywhere you think I would like to visit; I’m always up for new tips and places to go…

This is primarily a positive blog – if I have included something here it means that I think it is worth visiting. If I think it may not be for everyone then I will say so. I hope over time that the Londonphile will grow to become a collection of London’s more idiosyncratic days out.