Florin Court


Forgive me if this post seems at all self-indulgent, but Florin Court is one of my favourite London buildings and I’m yet to write about it. Is it the luscious art deco curves, or the fact that it was home to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot for much of the television series that draws me to these apartments? Probably a bit of both, to be honest…


Built in 1936 by Guy Morgan and Partners, Florin Court (better known to Poirot fans as Whitehaven Mansions) is a delightfully modern(e) addition to the mish mash of architectural styles to be found in historic Charterhouse Square. With the Tudor buildings of old Charterhouse along the north of the square, and the Georgian beauties interspersed elsewhere, Florin Court more than holds its own on the eastern side.



This ten-storey apartment block – composed of 120 flats – is also home to a roof garden, a basement swimming pool (pictured here), a gym and, intriguingly, a small library. Its original incarnation also included a diner and a cocktail bar. Florin Court’s interiors underwent a mostly sympathetic redesign in the 1980s by Hildebrand & Clicker architects. The foyer and staircases are more plain than I expected – though I’m a big fan of the cloud stair rail, a motif which is also seen on railings outside the building.




The apartments themselves are said to be on the small side. Still, if it’s good enough for Poirot…And speaking of which, I was told while photographing Florin Court that Poirot (and a certain Ariadne Oliver) had recently returned to film some scenes in the entrance way and lobby – so Florin Court looks set for one final fling on the small screen.

Charterhouse Square, EC1M, straddles the divide between the City and Islington, and is located just north of Barbican tube station.




12 thoughts on “Florin Court

  1. Brief note to say how excellent the photos and info I receive from Londonphile. Further it is often a surprise and new to me and improves my image and new interests about London. Many thanks

    • Thank you so much Peter for your kind words! I do it all myself in my spare time so it’s really great to hear when people appreciate it. Of course, there’s so much in London that I’m spoilt for choice really.

  2. Very interesting article. I will definitely have a closer look next time I am in London. Thx for the beautiful pix! I love art deco!!

  3. How far is the Barbican tube station from Florin Court? I’m on crutches so I can’t walk far but I would love to visit as I am a big fan of Hercule Poirot. Would it be worth me getting a taxi from the tube station?
    Thanks. 🙂

    • Hello Helen,
      It is literally around the corner. Not even a hundred metres I’d say – there’s no way a taxi would even take you it’s so close. However, there are stairs at Barbican station to take into account as well though…
      Hope you can make it!

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